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Our Philippine video series is back! Each month right here you will be able to view a NEW video episode each from our Cebu and Davao offices.

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Hi. Cool, what I was looking for.

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Boracay - The Worst Tourist Trap in the Philippines | Anna. The nightmare of getting to Boracay island in my experience. Boracay is a tiny island, so when I arrived at Kalibo Airport, which is located further away than Caticlan Airport.

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A foreigner’s life in Iloilo City | My Philippine Life There’s certainly nothing unusual about young Cebuanas dating foreigners but this does not seem common here. While Iloilo has a few “girlie bars” it does not have the kind of pervasive sex tourism/bar scene found in Angeles or Cebu City.

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cebuanas - filipino women Cebuanas Philippines. Cebuanas. Cebu is the Queen City of the South. It is in the economic and physical center of the the Visayan islands. Cebu became the first settlement of Spain in the Philippines (1521). Spanish culture and genetics had 500 years to take root in the Queen City.

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Cebu Man's Guide - Cebu Nightlife - Cebu Girls - Cebuana. The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Cebu. After visiting Manila, I tired of the chaos and pollution and took a flight to Cebu, the city of narrow coastlines and high mountains!. Cebu is a big island one hour away from Manila, easily accessible by plane with cheap airlines, such AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippines Airlines.

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How I Fucked 19 Pinay girls in 14 Days in the Philippines. There’s a white-skin appeal but it’s more of a money appeal. Most Filipina girls, at least the ones you’ll meet in bars or clubs, are inclined to the possibility of a higher lifestyle.

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How Easy It Is To Get Filipina Women? - Filipina Dating Sites Filipina girls are among the most sought after ladies when it comes to friendship, dating, and marriage; as they are beautiful inside and out. The majority of the Filipinas are conservative. They preserve themselves for marriage. However, you will be surprised if you visit the Philippines because while many still believe that they need to […]

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Cebu Nightlife – Cebu Bars, Cebu Clubs, Cebu Bar Guide. There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun! Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different.

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Cebuanas Filipina Women Dating Site - Filipina Dating Sites Summary. Cebuanas is a growing Filipina online dating site in the Philippines, featuring Filipinas from Cebu, a province located in the central region of the country.

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Beautiful Asian Transsexuals - Ladyboys on Instagram Nisamanee Lertworapong NuTT – Thailand. Breathtaking beauty from Thailand, better known as Nisamanee Nutt ( Lertworapong ).Nisamanee is a fashion model, actress, publisher and advertiser of cosmetic products, and famous Thai ladyboy beauty queen in the pageant scene.